ELECTRODE ENI 402 (Ni) E Ni – Cl – 3.25MM

ELECTRODE  ENI 402 (Ni) E Ni – Cl – 3.25MM


ELECTRODE ENI 402 (Ni) E Ni – Cl – 3.25MM



The electrode with a rod of pure nickel, used, as a rule, for cold welding of cast iron, can also be used for semi-hot welding (maximum 300 ° C). Used for welding gray cast iron, white malleable cast iron, viscous cast iron, and also for their welding with steel. Well envelops the base metal even at low current, low mixing ratio with the base material. Due to this, it provides the possibility of cold welding, especially for thick-walled parts, minimizes the risk of cracks. For this reason it is great for repairing broken and cracked parts. The arc easily ignites, easy re-ignition. Stable arc. Welding area is easy to process

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Weight 1.75 kg